We have a full documentation of FuseClick API on our support page, please refer to https://support.fuseclick.com/api/ 
1. Get Started
   1.1 How to create Advertiser, Offers and Affiliates
        I. Create Advertiser: setAdvertiser
          One advertiser account may have multiple offers in FuseClick system. Besides setting basic information, the setAdvertiser API could assign an Account Manager by parameter am_id. Account Manager ID could get with getAdvertiserManager API.
         II. Importing OfferssetOffer
            The information below could be set at once with setOffer API:
* Offer Basic Info: name, payout, revenue, description. Etc.
          *Targeting Rules: GEO targeting, Device Targeting. Etc.
          * Caps.     
         III. Set Offer Materials: SetOfferLogo, setOfferBanners/delOfferBanners
          Upload offer log and banners materials.
         IV. Set Affiliate: setAffiliateBaseInfo
          Besides the Affiliates basic information setup, this API could also set up an Account Manager with am_id parameter. The Account Manager ID could be get with getAffiliateManagers API.
   1.2 How to generate a Campaign
      The Campaign generated means the offer assigned to a specific Affiliate. Network could manage this by operating the system, while the Affiliate themselves could also get the campaigns of their accessible Offers with the following APIs.
        I. Network generate Campaigns and get the offers’ Tracking Links:
        * Generate Campaigns on the Affiliate Level: setAffiliateOfferList.
          You could use this API to assign multiple Offers to one or more Affiliates.
        * Generate Campaigns on the Offer level: setOfferAffiliateList
          You could use this API to assign one or more Offers to multiple Affiliates.
          * Generate Tracking Links for existing Campaigns: getLink
          * Assign single offer to one Affiliate, and generate tracking link: generateLink
        II. Affiliate generate Campaign on their own and get offer tracking link
           * Get tracking link for existing Campaign: getLink
           * Generate tracking Link for accessible Offers: generateLink
   1.3 Report Checking
     When the Campaign is started, there will be real-time reports generated in system.
       I. Networks could use the following APIs to get the report data:
         * getOverallReport
         * getConversionReport
         * getAdvertiserReport
         * getOfferReport
         * getAffiliateReport
      II. Affiliates could use these APIs to get the report:
         * getOfferReport
         * getConversionReport     
2. Data Update and Upgrade Setting
2.1 Advertise, Offer and Affiliate Update    
         I. Advertiser Update: setAdvertiser
           Advertiser ID is needed for update. Please use getAdvertisers to get the Advertiser ID.
         II. Offer Update: setOffer
         The following info could be updated at once with setOffer:
          * Offer Basic info: name, payout, revenue, description, etc.
          * Targeting Rules: GEO targeting, Device Targeting,
          * Caps.
          Please pay attention: Offer ID is needed for offer update, please use getOffers to get the offer ID.
         III. Affiliate Update: setAffiliateBaseInfo
            Affiliate ID is needed for Affiliate update. Please use getAffiliates to get the Affiliate ID.
2.2 Upgrade Setting
        I. Affiliate Payout Setting: setAffiliatePaymentInfo
            This method could be used to setup Affiliate Payment Term.
        II. Setup Affiliate Postback Url: addAffiliatePostBack, addAffiliateEventPostBack
            * addAffiliatePostBack could be used on adding Global PostBack URL.
         * addAffiliateEventPostBack could be used on setting up specific PostBack URL for each event of some offer.
        III. Set multiple event for some offer: setOfferEventBaseInfo
             This method could be used for adding new time event for some offer, and modify existing events.
3. Customization and Management
3.1 Customize Payout
        I. Set Payout Tier: setPayoutTierInfo
           This could be used for setting the Payout Tier for some Offer
        II. Set Special Payout for specific Affiliate: setAffiliateSpecialPayout
           Special Payout for one or a group of Affiliates, could be set with this one, it is focused on single event of some offer.
3.2 Manage Offer Application
      getOfferApplications and changeOfferApplicationStatus are used for getting Offer Applications and Change Application Status.
3.3 Manage Conversion
        Conversion status is easy to change with setConversionStatus. Although conversion ID is needed, which could be get with getConversionReport.
4. Drill for Data with Report APIs 
   Set getOverallReport as an example, it is used to help with drawing sorted data and integrating multiple parameter report, which includes: Cost, Revenue, CR, CPC, RPC, ROI, etc.
   For instance: Integrate the report from 18:00-19:00 covering: Cost, Revenue, Profit, CR, CPC, RPC, ROI:
     Request domain:Yourdomain
   Parameter List:
====API KEY===
====Time Range===
from:2017/07/29 18:00
to:2017/07/29 19:00
Request Sample:
GET /api/v1/getOverallReport?key=your_api_key&from=2017/07/29 18:00&to=2017/07/29 19:00&timezone=8&page=1&limit=10000&ck_gross=1&ck_unique=1&ck_conversion=1&ck_cost=1&ck_income=1&ck_profit=1&ck_cr=1&ck_cpc=1&ck_rpc=1&ck_roi=1&ck_affiliate_id=1&ck_affiliate_name=1&ck_offer_id=1&ck_offer_name=1&offer=448,462,471,463,255,472&affiliate=397,400,395 HTTP/1.1
Host: yourdomain
Cache-Control: no-cache
 curl -X GET \  'http://yourdomain/api/v1/getOverallReport?key=your_api_key&from=2017%2F07%2F29%2018%3A00&to=2017%2F07%2F29%2019%3A00&timezone=8&page=1&limit=10000&ck_gross=1&ck_unique=1&ck_conversion=1&ck_cost=1&ck_income=1&ck_profit=1&ck_cr=1&ck_cpc=1&ck_rpc=1&ck_roi=1&ck_affiliate_id=1&ck_affiliate_name=1&ck_offer_id=1&ck_offer_name=1&offer=448%2C462%2C471%2C463%2C255%2C472&affiliate=397%2C400%2C395' \
  -H 'cache-control: no-cache' \
$request = new HttpRequest();
  'key' => 'your_api_key',
  'from' => '2017/07/29 18:00',
  'to' => '2017/07/29 19:00',
  'timezone' => '8',
  'page' => '1',
  'limit' => '1000',
  'ck_gross' => '1',
  'ck_unique' => '1',
  'ck_conversion' => '1',
  'ck_cost' => '1',
  'ck_income' => '1',
  'ck_profit' => '1',
  'ck_cr' => '1',
  'ck_cpc' => '1',
  'ck_rpc' => '1',
  'ck_roi' => '1',
  'ck_affiliate_id' => '1',
  'ck_affiliate_name' => '1',
  'ck_offer_id' => '1',
  'ck_offer_name' => '1',
  'offer' => '448,462,471,463,255,472',
  'affiliate' => '397,400,395'
  'cache-control' => 'no-cache'
try {
  $response = $request->send();
  echo $response->getBody();
} catch (HttpException $ex) {
  echo $ex;
import http.client
conn = http.client.HTTPConnection("yourdomain")
headers = {
    'cache-control': "no-cache",
conn.request("GET", "/api/v1/getOverallReport?key=your_api_key&from=2017%2F07%2F29%2018%3A00&to=2017%2F07%2F29%2019%3A00&timezone=8&page=1&limit=10000&ck_gross=1&ck_unique=1&ck_conversion=1&ck_cost=1&ck_income=1&ck_profit=1&ck_cr=1&ck_cpc=1&ck_rpc=1&ck_roi=1&ck_affiliate_id=1&ck_affiliate_name=1&ck_offer_id=1&ck_offer_name=1&offer=448%2C462%2C471%2C463%2C255%2C472&affiliate=397%2C400%2C395", headers=headers)
res = conn.getresponse()
data = res.read()
For other details please go to: https://support.fuseclick.com/api/ 
Also, your Account Manager would be happy to offer help for you!