1. Generate CSR and get private key
   There are two websites for you to generate CSR and get private key, you can also find other website or ways that you would like to use to get CSR and private key.
   For English: https://csrgenerator.com/ 
   For Chinese: https://csr.chinassl.net/generator-csr.html 
   Please pay attention:
   The private key is very important, later after you finish the Certificate Authority process, you should give the private key and SSL Certificate to your AM. Then they will help you configure it with your customized domain under FuseClick.
   If you would like to know more about CSR, Please refer to:
2. Certificate Authority (CA)
   You are able to submit CSR that you get from step1 to your domain service provider, and finish the certificate authority process.Then you will get your SSL Certificate in CRT format.
   Please pay attention to the validity period of SSL Certificate, in case it will take effect on SSL Tracking of your domain under FuseClick.
   Learn more about certificate Authority, please go to:
3. Install SSL Certificate
   You only need to finish Step1 and Step2, then give the private key and CRT format SSL Certificate to your AM. After that, Our friendly AM will help you to use SSL Tracking under FuseClick after tech team configures the SSL Certificate successfully.