1. SMTP Settings
    SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. SMTP server is to follow the SMTP protocol, it is used to send or transfer letter to the mail server. Go to “Setup>Setting>Email Setting” and set SMTP as below:

(Figure 1: SMTP Settings)
      (1)When you purchased SMTP service, you can get below information from email service. Fill in the SMTP page and save.
           A. SMTP Domain or IP Address;
           B. Port;
           C. SMTP Type: SMTP access mode;
           D. SMTP User Name: SMTP access account;
           E. SMTP User Password: SMTP access password;
      (2)Below situations will work normally depending on SMTP settings in FuseClick System:
           A. “Send email” tool.
           B. The events which triggers automatic email Notifications.
2. Set Sender Information
     In 2003, US government sponsored anti-spam bill “CAN-SPAM Act of 2003”. According to this anti-spam bill, please pay more attention on below things:
Source URL:https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/can-spam-act-compliance-guide-business
       Base on above requirements, FuseClick System supplies the following information for settings in “Setup>Setting>Email Setting” page, in order to meet the requirement of sending email (includes the behaviors of triggering “send email” automatically) from Network.
      (1)”From” Email Name: Enter sender name which displays in the email which received by receiver. Suggestion: using Real Name.
      (2)”From” Email Address: Enter sender email address which displays in the email which received by receiver.
      (3) Email Footer Address:When receiver gets email, your location information will be displayed at the bottom of body. Such as: 602 Rockwood Road, Wilmington DE 19802.
3. Email Template
     FuseClick System supplies two main kinds of defined email templates (altogether 5 parts). Go to “Setup > Email Template” and check:
(1)Affiliate Templates:
     A. Affiliate Pending: When affiliate account is in pending statue, it will receive this email template.
     B. Affiliate Approved: When affiliate account changed to active from other statue, it will receive this email template.
     C. Affiliate Rejected: When affiliate sign up an account, but it is rejected by account manager, it will receive this email template.
     D. Affiliate Created: Account manager creates new affiliate and set its account statue as active directly, it will receive this email template.
     A. Forgot Password:When the users which saved in Network forget their passwords and try to use “Forget password” to obtain new passwords, they will receive this email template.