In general, through the redirection links, the Advertisers’ System could get the Click Link Information of your affiliates. Now you could turn on “Hide Affiliate Referrer” in the setting page if you do not want the information to be released to your Advertisers:
1. In “Setup > Settings > Tracking Settings”, find “Hide Affiliate Referrer”.
A. Turn it on, so you could make it appear in each single offer page, and make further adjustment.
(Fig.1 Turn on “Hide Affiliate Referrer” in “Setting” so it appears in Offer page)
     After “Hide Affiliate Referrer” in “Setting” being open,  all offers created then, would be hiding the Affiliate Referrer by default. For the offers created before you turn on “Hide Affiliate Referrer” in “Setting”, you could manually adjust the “Hide Affiliate Referrer” status  in offer page:
(Fig.2 Adjust “Hide Affiliate Referrer” status in Offer page)
When you turn off “Hide Affiliate Referrer” in “Setup > Settings > Tracking Settings”, all Offers would not be hiding the Affiliate Referrer.