This section describes some features for tracking system: such as Filter bot Traffic, Global Redirect URL, Conversion out of allowed countries, Filter Junk Traffic, etc
. For more informations, please refer to “Integration with FuseClick” Part under
1. Filter Bot Traffic
Bots, also known as search engine crawlers, always request links in web pages on a regular basis. After your tracking links shown in pages, bots will request them. These traffics are not from real users, of course, they should be discarded.
This “Filter Bot Traffic” configuration, which is in page “Setup > Setting > Tracking Setting”, is for filtering the bots traffics. When setting this configuration to “ON” ,  tracking system will discard bot traffics, and not to record.

(Figure 1:Filter Bot Traffic)
2. Global Redirect URL
     When system receives a request of tracking links, it will check the request information according to predefined rules. If the information do not comply with certain rules, such as GEO Targeting, Device Targeting, or CAP rules, the system will redirect the request to redirect offer.
However, if the request information does not comply with rules of the redirect offer, or the redirect offer is not set, system will redirect the request to an URL set in the configuration item “Network Global Redirect URL”, which in page “Setup > Setting > Tracking Setting”. So, the traffics will be used efficiently.

(Figure 2:Network Global Redirect URL)
3. Conversion out of Allowed Countries
     When an Offer setting GEO Targeting rules, and its "Enforce Geo Targeting" is set to “OFF”,  the traffics, which not comply with GEO Targeting rules, can reach the offer page. 
In that case, which status of conversions of those traffics will be?  “Approved”, or “Pending”? It depends on the system configuration item: “Conversions out of Allowed Countries” in page “Setup>Setting>Tracking Setting”. When set this to “Pending”. Affiliate cannot see those pending conversions.

(Figure 3: Conversion out of Allowed Counties)

4. Conversions over CAP
Choose what to do with conversions happening after reaching the CAP, just for those click has been done before.
System can just discard these conversions or accept as a specific status(Pending or Rejected) , which depends on the configuration item“Conversion over CAP” in page “Setup>Setting>Tracking Setting”.

(Figure 4. Conversions Over CAP)
    1) Not Accepted: System will discard those conversion requests.
    2) Pending: System will accept the conversions with “Pending” status.
    3) Rejected: System will accept the conversions with “Rejected” status.

5. Filter Junk Traffic
If you worry about your publishers or other 3rd parties bring you a lot of junk traffic from same IP or devices, now you can filter these clicks by setting ‘Filter Junk Traffic’ feature. That’s not only helpful with avoiding a possible bad impression in from of your advertisers, but also saving you cost.  
You can go to page “Setup > Settings > Tracking Setting” to turn on this feature, and set the time rule showed as bellow for filtering junk clicks.
(Figure 5. Filter Junk Traffic)
For example, you have enabled this feature and setup time filter rule as 12 Hours. Afterwards, IP, iPhone 6 Device, bring you 1,000,000 suspect duplicate clicks within 12 Hours, these junk clicks only would be recorded once within 12 Hours.
Tips: These clicks which have been judged to Junk Clicks will not recorded in All Clicks or Gross Clicks under FuseClick.