The Advertiser Security Token is not compulsory to be set. It is one of the way to prevent cheating from transfers in postback. This option is not used for "Pixel Tracking Protocols". To set the “Advertiser Security Token”, do the following:
(1)   Login as Network, go to Setup ->Settings ->"Advertiser Panel Settings" and set the “Advertiser Security”.
(2)   Token" option to ON.

(3)   Go to any Advertiser’s details and click "Generate Token". It will show the token, For example – “It-GuPin”.


(4)   Choose an offer under this advertiser and go to "Tracking" Tab and set Security Token option to ON for this particular offer.

(5)   Click the offer's "Postback URL/Conversion Pixel” and replace the {TOKEN} in adv_sectkn={TOKEN}.For example -adv_sectkn= It-GuPin manually.

(6)   After replacement, you can give this Postback URL to the Advertiser.