You can transfer the affiliate ID and sub affiliate ID to the Advertiser. When the conversion happens,the advertiser can see the conversion rate of each sub affiliate and choose the quality of the affiliate. FuseClick can transmit the affiliate ID back to the advertiser directly.  In case Advertiser asks for affiliate sub ID, FuseClick needs to Integrate with the affiliate first and transmit the affiliate sub ID to FuseClick as explained below:
(1)   While Integrating with affiliates, FuseClick system needs to provide a parameter to transmit the affiliate sub ID along with the Tracking Link. For example- Use s2 to transmit the affiliate sub ID (s1, s2, s3, s4, s5. The parameter s1 can support 800characters, so we suggest you to use s1 to transmit some important parameters, other parameters such as s2, s3, s4, s5 only supports 100 characters).
(2)   Affiliates can add “s2=their affiliate ID “, When the click occurs, FuseClick can use s2 to receive the affiliate sub ID. While Integrating with the Advertiser, the advertiser can provide a tracking link along with 3 parameterswhichare used to transmit TID,AFFID and Affiliate sub ID. We use s2 to transmit the affiliate sub ID. For example- Advertiser provide the parameters - aff_sub, aff_sub2,aff_sub3. In return Fuseclick system provides the values of the 3 parameters using offer URL by adding following code – “&aff_sub={TID}&aff_sub2={AFFID}&aff_sub3={S2}”.