1. Initial event - the first event you create for offer. "Conversion Tracking Protocol", "Revenue" and "Payout" fields are requred to be filled.
2. On the Offer detail page click  "Add event" to add more events. You can add up to 10 events in one offer, use unique Event token for each event.
3. Ask Advertiser to check if his system supports Global Postback with unique identification of each event?  If yes, then you can add "&e_tkn={E_TOKEN}" directly to the Global Postback URL. This Url's macros should be replaced by relevant macros supplied by Advertiser System. Final Global Postback URL needs to be added into advertiser system.
4.   If advertiser system does not support unique identification for Global Postback URL, you can add a Postback URL for each event. Add "&e_tkn= The particular value of E_TOKEN" on each event's Postback URL.