Advertisers and FuseClick system have recorded the conversion, but the Affiliate has not recorded any conversion, the reasons may be as follows:
(1)   Affiliate needs to add parameters of their system in tracking linkas the unique identification of the affiliate system in order to replace the parameter of postback URL. When the conversion happens, FuseClick can call the postback URL of Affiliate and send the unique identification to affiliate system. In that case, Affiliate can receive the conversion.
(2)   There may be some errors in parameter’s settingsof the postback URL and the parameters in the postback URL don’t match with the parameters in the tracking link, so when conversion happens, it can't transmit the right value to the affiliate system.
CorrectMethod:you can go toConversion report ->Conversion Detailsand find the log of affiliate postback URLto checkif theintegration is normal.