Event Relationship shows the relationship among all active events whithin one offer.
Drag events, except the initial event, to change relationship and set strict execution order for the offer. Setting an execution order can help to prevent fraud behaviour.  
Set a leaf node as an "End Point" by selecting checking the checkbox.
End Point: when a event assign to End Point, once it occurs, other following event conversions will not be recorded in system.
For example, there is an offer that a mobile game names “Fly Bird”. It has 3 events as below:
    (1) Install
    (2) Sign up
    (3) Uninstall
Event Relationships:
“Install”-  is the Initial Event;
“Signup” and “Uninstall”-  are post-events of Install;
“Uninstall” is an end point;
Traffic flow:
User installed the game but didn't Sign up to the App. User uninstalled the App. If the event ''Sign up” happens, FuseClick will detect it as a fraud.
Chose a conversion rate calculation method  for each event, except the initial one in order to calculate a sign up rate and uninstall rates.