FuseClick support server to Server Integration for Affiliate system, as follows:
(1)   First we provide tracking link and the parameter names to the affiliates in terms of sc,s1,s2,s3,s4,s5. These parameters name are in lowercase. For example: Affiliate needs s1 to send Clickid.  It adds “&s1=clickid” after the tracking link. (note:s1 is the parameter name and it must be in lowercase).
(2)   Secondly, affiliate required to provide the postback URL back to FuseClick. Now FuseClick system returns the Postback URL with the values to the parameters. For example:FuseClick need to return clickid specific value back to the affiliate, as we know, the affiliate uses s1 to transmit the clickid. However, The FuseClick system adds the value s1={S1}, so the value of clickid will automatically be replaced in the postback URL as –
“clickid={S1}" (Note:S in the parentheses is not case sensitive)