1.Separate event offer 's Postback URL looks like: http://networkdomain.fusetracking.com/pb?tid={TID}. While integrating with Advertiser, replace macro {TID} macro to the corresponding macro supplied by Advertiser System.
2. Multiple events offer's Postback URL looks like: http://networkdomain.fusetracking.com/pb?tid={TID}&e_tkn={E_TOKEN}. While integrating with Advertiser, replace both the {TID} as well as {E_TOKEN} marcos to the corresponding macros supplied by Advertiser System;
*Ask Advertiser if his system supports Global Postback with unique identification of each event. If yes, add "&e_tkn={E_TOKEN}" directly to Global Postback URL and replace macros according to instruction above.  Configure the final Global Postback URL to advertiser system.
3. Once conversion for initial event happend, Advertiser passes the initial event's conversion to FuseClick system by calling Global Postback URL.  If Event Token passes a null value to FuseClick system, the conversion for initial event only will be recorded.