API Method – getOffers

    Get offer information.

API Category


HTTP Method


Request Call Example

    GET /api/v2/getOffers?key=yourapikey&page=1&limit=500&country=CN&status=Active HTTP/1.1
    Host: yourapplicationdomain


Name Type Description
page Integer Page number of data
limit Integer Number of items on one page: 500(Default)/1000/5000/10000
from String Start date of creation time of offers: 2018/01/01
offer_ids String A list of offer ids: 3,123,445
advertiser_ids String A list of advertiser ids: 4,23,54
country String A list of countries of the offers: CN,US,CA,BD. Please refer to offer geo country list.
status String Offer status: Active/Pending/Expired/Paused/Archived
event_info Integer Return sub event info.
1: Returning sub event info
0 (Default): Not returning sub event info to save data size.
geo_info Integer Return geo targeting info.
1: Returning geo targeting info
0 (Default): Not returning geo targeting info to save data size.
device_info Integer Return device targeting info.
1: Returning device targeting info
0 (Default): Not returning device targeting info to save data size.
cap_info Integer Return cap info.
1: Returning cap info
0 (Default): Not returning cap info to save data size.
category_info Integer Return category info.
1: Returning category info
0 (Default): Not returning category info to save data size.
traffic_type_info Integer Return traffic type info.
1: Returning traffic type info
0 (Default): Not returning traffic type info to save data size.


Offer Property Description
id Advertiser ID
first_name -
last_name -
status Advertiser Status
Sample in JSON:

    "httpStatus": 200,
    "errorCode": 0,
    "errorMessage": "",
    "message": "",
    "data": [
            "id": 305,
            "name": "private49",
            "status": "Active",
            "advertiser_id": 49,
            "create_date": "2018/09/12",
            "expire_date": "2019/09/12",
            "type": "Mobile",
            "access_type": "Private",
            "session_lifespan": "1 Month",
            "preview_url": "http://www.sampleapp.com/download?id=com.hsn.df",
            "url": "http://www.sampleapp.com/download?id=com.hsn.df&tid={TID}&o={OID}&a={AFFID}",
            "secondary_offer": "",
            "force_unique": "No",
            "need_security_token": "No",
            "click_count": 0,
            "conversion_count": 0,
            "has_cap_limit": "Yes",
            "cap_type": "Budget",
            "cap_event_range": "all",
            "cap_overall_limit": 150,
            "cap_interval": "Daily",
            "cap_interval_limit": 20,
            "cap_affiliate_overall_limit": 30,
            "cap_affiliate_interval": "Daily",
            "cap_affiliate_interval_limit": 5,
            "enable_device_targeting": "Yes",
            "device_redirect_offer": 303,
            "device_rules": [
                "1:Device Type:Mobile",
                "1:Device Brand:Samsung;LG",
            "app_id": "",
            "enable_geo_targeting": "Yes",
            "geo_type": "Include",
            "geo_countries": "AO;EG;ZA",
            "geo_redirect_offer": 302,
            "geo_redirect_group": "",
            "geo_enforce": "Disable",
            "geo_states": [
            "currency": "United States, Dollars",
            "currency_code": "1",
            "price_model": "CPA",
            "payout_type": "CPA",
            "revenue_type": "RPA",
            "tracking_protocol": "Server Postback URL",
            "conversion_point": "",
            "description": "Installation",
            "payout": "1.00000",
            "revenue": "3.00000",
            "payout_percent": "-1.00",
            "revenue_percent": "-1.00",
            "events": [
                    "id": 428,
                    "e_id": 1,
                    "event_name": "InitialEvent",
                    "e_tkn": "e_install",
                    "pre_event_id": -1,
                    "tracking_method": "Server Postback URL",
                    "description": "Installation",
                    "status": "Active",
                    "is_end_point": "No",
                    "revenue_type": "RPA",
                    "payout_type": "CPA",
                    "is_private": "No",
                    "payout": "1.00000",
                    "revenue": "3.00000",
                    "can_multiply_conversion": "No",
                    "need_approval": "No",
                    "conversion_point": ""
                    "id": 430,
                    "e_id": 2,
                    "event_name": "Subscription",
                    "e_tkn": "e_subscribed",
                    "pre_event_id": 428,
                    "tracking_method": "Server Postback URL",
                    "description": "End user subscribed ",
                    "status": "Active",
                    "is_end_point": "No",
                    "revenue_type": "RPA+RPS",
                    "payout_type": "CPA+CPS",
                    "is_private": "No",
                    "payout": "0.50000",
                    "revenue": "3.00000",
                    "payout_percent": "2.00",
                    "revenue_percent": "15.00",
                    "can_multiply_conversion": "No",
                    "need_approval": "No",
                    "conversion_point": "PIN-Submit"
    "page": 1,
    "totalPages": 1,
    "totalItems": 1