Error Code Description
6000 No Such API, API is not found
6001 No Network ID
6002 Invalid Network ID
6003 Invalid Network Status
6005 Internal Error
6006 Another request has been processing, please try again later
6011 No API Key
6012 Invalid API Key
6013 Invalid API Key Status
6014 Invalid Client
6015 The method has been deprecated
6021 No Affiliate Parameter
6022 Invalid Key or Affiliate
6023 Invalid Affiliate
6024 Invalid Affiliate Status
6031 No API Method
6032 Invalid API Method
6033 Invalid Request Method, Should Be GET
6034 Invalid Request Method, Should Be POST
6041 Frequent Limitation
6051 No Advertiser Parameter
6052 Invalid Key or Advertiser
6053 Invalid Advertiser
6054 Invalid Advertiser Status
6055 Invalid json data
6100 Failed to Save Advertiser
6101 No Advertiser ID
6102 Invalid Advertiser ID
6103 Invalid Value of Advertiser Status
6104 Invalid Advertiser Manager Status
6105 No Such Advertiser, Advertiser is not found
6106 Not Set Advertiser Manager, Advertiser Manager is not Found
6107 No Advertiser Manager ID
6108 Invalid Advertiser Manager ID
6109 Advertiser Manager doesn’t Exists
6111 No Email Parameter
6112 Invalid Email
6113 Duplicate Email
6114 No Status Parameter
6115 No Advertiser First Name
6116 Invalid Advertiser First Name
6117 Invalid Advertiser Manager ID
6118 No Advertiser Company Parameter
6119 Invalid Advertiser Password
6120 Invalid Advertiser IM Type
6121 Invalid Advertiser Country
6122 Invalid Advertiser State
6200 Failed to Save Affiliate
6201 No Affiliate ID
6202 Invalid Affiliate ID
6203 Invalid Affiliate Status
6204 No Such Affiliate, Affiliate is not found
6205 No Email Parameter
6206 Invalid Affiliate Email
6207 Duplicate Email
6208 No Status Parameter
6210 No First Name Parameter
6211 Invalid First Name
6212 Invalid Affiliate Manager
6213 No Such Affiliate Manager, Affiliate Manager is not found
6214 Invalid Affiliate Manager
6215 Invalid Payout Tier ID
6216 No Such Payout Tier, Payout tier is not found
6217 Invalid Billing Period
6218 Invalid Affiliate Password
6219 Invalid Value of Affiliate Manager Status
6220 Invalid Payment Method
6221 Invalid Check Payment Type
6222 Invalid Affiliate IM Type
6223 Invalid Affiliate Country
6224 Invalid Affiliate State
6225 No Post Back URL
6226 Invalid Post Back URL
6227 Duplicated Post Back URL
6228 Limitation of  Max Number of Post Back URLs
6229 The Post Back URL doesn’t Exists
6230 More than Max Number Post Back URLs of the offer.
6231 More than 20 Post Back URLs of the offer.
6232 At most 1 Image Pixel Postback Url.
6233 No the parameter of postback url type.
6234 Invalid postback url type
6235 No post_back_id parameter.
6236 Invalid post_back_id parameter.
6237 The affiliate can\'t access the offer.
6300 Failed to Save Offer Data
6301 No Offer ID
6302 Invalid Offer ID
6303 Invalid Offer Status
6304 Offer does not Exist
6305 No Advertiser ID
6306 Invalid Advertiser ID
6307 Advertiser does not Exist
6308 No Offer Name
6309 Empty Offer Name
6310 No Offer Status
6311 No Offer Expire Date
6312 Invalid Expire Date
6313 No TID Token in Offer URL
6314 Invalid Offer Type
6315 Invalid Conversion Point
6316 Invalid Preview URL
6317 Invalid URL
6318 Invalid Access Type
6319 Invalid SSL
6320 Invalid Tracking Protocol
6321 Invalid Settings for need_security_token
6322 Invalid Settings for force_unique
6323 Invalid Session Lifespan
6324 Invalid Offer Currency
6325 Invalid Price Model
6326 Invalid Settings for Revenue
6327 Invalid Settings for Payout
6328 Invalid Settings for prevenue_percent
6329 Invalid Settings for payout_percent
6330 Invalid Secondary Offer
6331 No Tier Payout Enable/Disable Parameter
6332 Invalid Tier Payout Enable/Disable Value(Should be 1 or 0)
6333 No Tier Payout Setting Parameter
6334 Invalid Tier ID {tierId}
6335 No CAP limitation
6336 Invalid CAP Limitation
6337 No CAP Method
6338 Invalid CAP Method
6339 No Overall CAP
6340 Invalid Overall CAP
6341 No CAP Interval
6342 Invalid CAP Interval
6343 No Interval CAP
6344 Invalid Interval CAP
6345 No Affiliate CAP
6346 Invalid Affiliate CAP
6347 No Affiliate CAP Interval
6348 Invalid Affiliate CAP Interval
6349 No affiliate interval CAP value
6350 Invalid affiliate interval CAP value
6351 No GEO targeting enable parameter
6352 Invalid GEO targeting enable parameter
6353 No GEO Type
6354 Invalid GEO Type
6355 No GEO Country
6356 Invalid GEO Country
6357 Invalid GEO Country: {country}
6358 Invalid GEO State Rule
6359 Invalid GEO State: {state} of Country {country}
6360 No Enforce Parameter
6361 Invalid Enforce Parameter
6362 No Redirect Type Parameter
6363 Invalid Redirect Type Parameter
6364 No Redirect Target Parameter
6365 Invalid Redirect Target Parameter
6366 GEO redirect offer does not exist
6367 GEO redirect group does not exist
6368 Invalid payout type
6369 Invalid revenue type
6371 No device targeting enable parameter
6372 Invalid device targeting enable parameter
6373 No device targeting rule
6374 Invalid device targeting rule
6375 Invalid device targeting method
6376 Invalid device targeting parameter
6377 No device targeting value
6378 Invalid device targeting value
6379 No device redirect offer
6380 Invalid device redirect offer
6381 Device redirect offer not exist
6382 Payout and Payout Percent at least one
6383 Revenue and Revenue Percent at least one
6384 Invalid cap range. It should be 0 or 1.
6385 The offer has no initial event.
6386 No Offer Category ID
6387 Invalid Offer Category ID
6388 Error When Adding Category Offers
6389 Error When Deleting Category Offers
6390 Invalid format of the affiliate id string
6391 Offer ID no more than max number
6392 Invalid Settings for hide_referer
6393 No image file
6394 The offer has too many banners
6395 Invalid Files
6396 Invalid format of logo image
6397 Invalid Image Size
6398 Invalid Date Format
6399 Overall limitation should be more than others, offer interval limitation should be more than affiliate's
63990 Invalid description
63991 Invalid restriction
63992 Invalid categories
63993 Invalid app id
6400 Fail to Generate Link
6401 No Affiliate ID
6402 Invalid Affiliate ID
6403 Affiliate does not Exist
6404 Invalid Affiliate Status
6411 No Offer ID
6412 Invalid Offer ID
6413 Offer does not Exist
6414 Invalid Offer Status
6421 Invalid offer access type to the affiliate
6422 No Such Campaign
6431 Invalid Event Private
6432 Invalid Revenue
6441 Invalid Page
6442 Invalid Limit
6443 Invalid OrderBy
6480 The time span of from and to must be less than 60 seconds.
6481 The to param must 5 seconds less than the current time
6482 Too many parameters of conversion_ids
6483 Error parameter status.[Approved, Rejected]
6484 Error format of conversion id. e.g. "201510_1033,201510_1034"
6501 Invalid Timezone
6502 Invalid Start Time (from)
6503 Invalid End Time (to)
6504 Invalid Time Period
6505 Invalid Page Number
6506 Invalid Offer Format, e.g. "1,3"
6507 Invalid Affiliate Manager ID  or Advertiser Manager ID
6508 Invalid Page Size. (1-10000)
6601 Invalid Offer ID
6602 Invalid offer, or no access to offer
6603 Invalid Backup Offer ID
6604 Invalid Backup Offer, or no Access to Backup Offer or no Campaign of Backup Offer
6605 Invalid GEO Redirect Offer ID
6606 No Access to GEO Redirect Offer
6607 Offer GEO Targeting Disabled
6608 Too many offer IDs
6609 Too many countries
6610 Too many category IDs
6700 Fail to Create Event
6701 Fail to Update Event
6702 Invalid offer event id
6703 The Event Not Found
6704 No offer_id parameter
6705 The offer has no event
6706 The count of event is over the max
6707 No e_tkn parameter
6708 Invalid value of offer event token  
6709 Duplicate offer event token
6710 No event_name parameter
6711 No Status Parameter
6712 Invalid Status Parameter
6713 No revenue_type parameter
6714 Invalid offer event revenue type
6715 No revenue parameter
6716 No revenue percent parameter
6717 Invalid value of offer event revenue
6718 Invalid value of offer event revenue percent
6719 No payout_type parameter
6720 Invalid offer event payout type
6721 No payout parameter
6722 No payout percent parameter
6723 Invalid value of offer event payout
6724 Invalid value of offer event payout percent
6725 Invalid value of offer event private flag - initial event cannot be private
6726 Invalid tracking method parameter
6727 Invalid value of offer event end point flag
6728 Invalid value of offer event need approval flag
6729 Invalid value of offer event can multiply conversion flag
6730 Invalid Pre event id for an initial event, it must be '-1'
6731 The pre_event_id can't be self
6732 The pre_event_id doesn’t exist
6733 The status of Initial Event must be active
6734 Initial Event can't set to private
6735 Initial Event can't set to end point
6736 Invalid event smart price rule
6740 Invalid offer event status
6743 Invalid offer event pre event
6744 Invalid offer event pre event
6745 Invalid offer event conversion point
6746 Invalid event list
6747 Invalid offer event description
6801 Invalid format of the offer application id
6802 Not exist the offer application
6803 Invalid action parameter.(approve, deny, block, unblock)
6804 The action isn\'t match with the offer application.
6805 Invalid offer application status.(Pending, Approved, Rejected, Blocked)
6806 The offer application processing failed.
6807 Invalid Hour
6808 Timestamp out of range
6809 Invalid format of the offer id. e.g. 1,2,3
6810 The event must be public.
6811 Invalid Json Format, Please correct the json string
6812 Too many offers, More than Max Number offers are not allowed in one request
6813 Invalid special_payouts parameter.
6814 Please try later because last request is in processing.
6815 Failed to block affiliate.
6816 Failed to Save Data.
6820 Invalid {param_name} parameter.
6821 Invalid page
6910 Please enter a number between {min} and {max} for {param_name}
6911 Invalid limit
6920 No permission to generate campaigns via API, please generate them manually in your affiliate portal.