1.1.1                              Summary

Get affiliate manager basic information (Affiliate Manager ID , FirstName, LastName, and Affiliate Manager Status).

1.1.2                              Request

Request Method: GET

Parameter Description Type Data Range
key Network API Key;
status Affiliate Manager Status;
Default: All
string All, Active, Blocked

1.1.3        Response

HTTP Status Object Description Error Code
200   Success 0
400 Parameter: status Invalid Value of
Affiliate  Manager Status
Content Format: JSON

Affiliate Manager Property Description  
id Affiliate Manager ID
first_name -
last_name -
email -
status Affiliate Manager Status
block_reason -
created_date Create date of Affiliate Manager.
last_login_date Last login date of Affiliate Manager.
job_title -
is_affiliate_manager Whether the manager is a affiliate manager.  
is_advertiser_manager Whether the manager is a advertiser manager.  
im_type -  
im_handler -  
office_phone -  
moblie_phone -  

1.1.4        Example

Sample Request URL:
Response sample:

  {     "httpStatus":200,     "data":[         {             "id":"3",             "first_name":"taotao",             "last_name":"fds",             "email":"qwe@qq.com",             "status":"Active",             "block_reason":"Test",             "created_date":"2015/05/18",             "last_login_date":"2015/11/30",             "job_title":"",             "is_affiliate_manager":"1",             "is_advertiser_manager":"0",             "im_type":"",             "im_handler":"",             "office_phone":"",             "moblie_phone":"777777777"         },         {             "id":"6",             "first_name":"emp11",             "last_name":"",             "email":"emp11@qq.com",             "status":"Active",             "block_reason":"",             "created_date":"2015/05/19",             "last_login_date":"2015/11/30",             "job_title":"",             "is_affiliate_manager":"1",             "is_advertiser_manager":"1",             "im_type":"",             "im_handler":"",             "office_phone":"",             "moblie_phone":""         }     ],     "errorCode":0,     "message":"" }