1.1.1 Summary

Get information detail of one Offer by Advertiser ID  and Offer Status combination.

1.1.2 Request

Request Method: GET

Parameter Description Type Data Range
key Network API Key;
advertiser_id Advertiser ID ;
int Single Value
status Offer Status;
Default: All
string All,
Archived, Active,
Pending, Paused, Expired

1.1.3 Response

HTTP Status Object Description Error Code
200 Request Success 0
Parameter: advertiser_id No Advertiser ID 6305
Parameter: advertiser_id Invalid Advertiser ID 6306
Parameter: status Invalid Value of Offer Status 6303
Content Format: JSON.
Each Offer by Advertiser ID offer is represented as a JSON code. Variety of offers (Advertiser ID and Offer Status combination) form an array of JSON.

Offer Property Description
id Offer ID
name Offer Name
status Offer Status
advertiser_id Advertiser ID
create_date Offer Created Date (YYYY/MM/DD)
expire_date Offer Expire Date (YYYY/MM/DD)
type Offer Type
categories Offer Categories
 url Offer URL
preview_url Offer Preview URL
tracking_protocol Conversion Tracking Protocol
ssl Using SSL Tracking or not
conversion_point Conversion Point
currency Offer Currency
price_model Price Model
payout Payout (CPA, CPC)
revenue Revenue (CPA, CPC)
payout_percent Payout Percent (CPS)
revenue_percent Revenue Percent (CPS)
logo Offer Logo Image Path
screenshot Offer Screen shot Image Path
description Offer Description
restriction Offer Restriction
secondary_offer Secondary Offer ID
access_type Offer Access Type
session_lifespan Offer Click Session Lifespan
force_unique Using Unique ID  to Limit Conversion or not
need_security_token Using  Security Token to Security Conversion or not
enable_payout_tier Using Tier Payout Settings or not
tier_payout  Array Tier Payout
has_cap_limit Using CAP to Limit Conversion or not
cap_type CAP Type
cap_overall_limit Offer Overall CAP Limitation
cap_interval Interval CAP Type
cap_interval_limit Limitation for Interval CAP Type
cap_affiliate_overall_limit Affiliate Overall CAP Limitation of the Offer
cap_affiliate_interval Affiliate Interval CAP Type
cap_affiliate_interval_limit Limitation for Affiliate Interval CAP Type
allow_traffics Allows Traffics Array
enable_geo_targeting Using GEO Targeting or not
geo_type Include or Exclude
geo_countries Countries
geo_states States
 geo_enforce Enforce GEO or not
geo_redirect_offer Geo Redirect Offer ID
geo_redirect_group GEO Redirect Offer Group ID
enable_device_targeting Using Device Targeting or not
device_rules Device Rules
device_redirect_offer Device Redirect Offer ID
click_count -
last_click_time -
conversion_count -
last_conversion_time -
test_click_count -
last_test_click_time -
test_conversion_count -
last_test_conversion_time -
events Array of Offer Events

1.1.4 Example

Sample Request URL:
Response sample:

  "httpStatus": 200,
  "data": [
      "id": "12",
      "name": "testoffer12",
      "create_date": "2015/02/13",
      "expire_date": "2015/02/26",
      "status": "Active",
      "type": "Tablet",
      "url": "http://6.cn?tid={TID}",
      "preview_url": "http://6.cn",
      "tracking_protocol": "Image Pixel",
      "ssl": "No",
      "conversion_point": "",
      "currency": " United States, Dollars",
      "price_model": "CPA",
      "logo": "",
      "screenshot": "",
      "description": "",
      "restriction": "",
      "access_type": "Public",
      "session_lifespan": null,
      "enable_geo_targeting": "Yes",
      "geo_type": "Include",
      "geo_countries": "CN;NP",
      "enable_device_targeting": "Yes",
      "categories": [
          "category_id": "1",
          "category_name": "Game"
      "allow_traffics": [
          "traffic_id": 1,
          "traffic_name": "Banner"
          "traffic_id": 2,
          "traffic_name": "Email"
          "traffic_id": 3,
          "traffic_name": "Facebook"
          "traffic_id": 4,
          "traffic_name": "Google"
      "geo_states": [
      "device_rules": [
        "1:OS:iOS;Windows phone"
      "advertiser_id": "4",
      "payout": "8",
      "revenue": "9",
      "secondary_offer": "",
      "force_unique": "No",
      "need_security_token": "No",
      "enable_payout_tier": "Yes",
      "has_cap_limit": "Yes",
      "cap_type": "conversion",
      "cap_overall_limit": "100",
      "cap_interval": "Daily",
      "cap_interval_limit": "50",
      "cap_affiliate_overall_limit": "40",
      "cap_affiliate_interval": "Daily",
      "cap_affiliate_interval_limit": "20",
      "geo_enforce": "Enable",
      "geo_redirect_offer": "11",
      "geo_redirect_group": "",
      "device_redirect_offer": "11",
      "click_count": 0,
      "last_click_time": "",
      "conversion_count": 0,
      "last_conversion_time": "",
      "test_click_count": 0,
      "last_test_click_time": "",
      "test_conversion_count": 0,
      "last_test_conversion_time": 0,
      "tier_payout": [
          "tier_id": 1,
          "payout": "100"
          "tier_id": 2,
          "payout": "200"
          "tier_id": 3,
          "payout": "300"
  "errorCode": 0,
  "message": ""