1.1 Summary

Get offer information


1.2 Request

Request Method: get
Request Parameters:

Parameter Description Type Data Range
key Network API  Key;
* Required
a Affiliate ID
* Required
Integer >0
type Offer Type String { desktop,mobile,tablet }, multiple types are allowed by comma separated
country Offer country String multiple countries are allowed by comma separated
category Offer Category Id String multiple categories are allowed by comma separated
id Offer id String multiple ids are allowed by comma separated
offer_name Offer name String  
page Page number
Integer >0
limit Limit per page Integer >0



1.3 Response


HTTP Status Object Description Error Code
202 Request Success 0

1.4  Example

Sample Request URL:
Response Parameters:

Property Description
page current page
totalPages Total  Pages Count
totalItems Total Data Items Count
id Offer ID
name Offer Name
status Offer Status
create_date Offer Created Date (YYYY/MM/DD)
expire_date Offer Expire Date (YYYY/MM/DD)
type Offer Type
tracking_link Tracking Link
preview_url Offer Preview URL
tracking_protocol Conversion Tracking Protocol
ssl Using SSL Tracking or not
conversion_point Conversion Point
currency Offer Currency
price_model Price Model
payout Payout (CPA, CPC)
payout_percent Payout Percent (CPS)
logo Offer Logo Image Path
screenshot Offer Screen shot Image Path
description Offer Description
restriction Offer Restriction
access_type Offer Access Type
session_lifespan Offer Click Session Lifespan
has_cap_limit Using CAP to Limit Conversion or not
cap_range Cap Range
cap_type CAP Type
cap_affiliate_overall_limit Affiliate Overall CAP Limitation of the Offer
cap_affiliate_interval Affiliate Interval CAP Type
cap_affiliate_interval_limit Limitation for Affiliate Interval CAP Type
enable_geo_targeting Using GEO Targeting or not
geo_type Include or Exclude
geo_countries Countries
geo_states States
enable_device_targeting Using Device Targeting or not
device_rules Device rules array:
Each Device rule string has three parts to make up a string, which includes enable/disable, param name and parameter list. Each string uses colons as delimiter. If the param list contains multiple params, use semicolon to separate them.
“1:OS:iOS;Windows phone” means allowed Device OS types are iOS and windows phone.
id Offer Event Unique Id
e_id Id in Offer
event_name Event Name
e_tkn Event Token
pre_event_id The predecessor event id
description The description of event
tracking_method Conversion Tracking Protocol
is_end_point Whether the event is end point.
payout_type The payout type of event
payout The payout of event
"-1.000" indicates that the payout is not set.
payout_percent The payout 2 of event. Only when payout type is CPS or CPA + CPS. "-1.000" indicates that the payout percent  is  not set.
can_multiply_conversion Whether the event can multiple conversion.
conversion_point Conversion Point