The method is not recommended, and you can use setOffer

1.1.1 Summary

Set an offer on device targeting information.

1.1.2 Request

Request Method: POST

Parameter Description Type Data Range
key Network API Key;

POST Parameters:
Parameter Description Type Data Range
id Offer ID
device_targeting Enable/Disable Device Targeting for the Offer。
The subsequent param is not required if it is disable
int 1: enable
0: disable
rules[] Device rule string array:
Each Device rule string has three parts to make up a string, which includes enable/disable, param name and parameter list. Each string uses colons as delimiter. If the param list contains multiple params, use semicolon to separate them.
“1:OS:iOS;Windows phone” means allowed Device OS types are iOS and windows phone.
Array of String  
redirect_offer_id Redirect Offer ID .

1.1.3 Response

HTTP Status Object Description Error Code
202   Success 0
400 Parameter Invalid Parameter 63XX
Content Format: JSON
Response sample:  Same as “getOfferById” API.

1.1.4 Example

Sample Request URL:
Response sample:  Same as “getOfferById” API.