1.1 API Sample


{Your_Network_Domain}: Fuseclick application domain for the network
{method}: API method name
{key}: API Key generated by system for network or advertiser
{advertiserId}: Advertiser ID
{value}: Value of parameter.

When you call http://{Your_Network_Domain}/api/v1/getOfferReport?key=ADVERTISER_KEY&a=2&id=42, 
{Your_Network_Domain} is demo.fuseclick.com, {version} is v1, {method} is getOfferReport, {key} is ADVERTISER_KEY, {advertiserId} is 2, {value} of parameter “id” is 42。

1.2  Requirements

Network API Information provided by Fuseclick:
1) Advertiser key: The Network requires Advertiser Key for its Advertisers who use the API
2) IP Address: An API key must be paired with a valid IP, then user can call API from the IP

1.3  Validation

1) Key: API Key for Advertiser.
2) IP: Advertiser imposes restrictions on the client IPs which access API according to its own needs.
3) Max Access: max 50 / minute