The Method is not recommended, and you can use getOffers

1.1.1 Summary

Get offer tracking link for affiliate, if it does not exits, generate first.

1.1.2 Request

Request Method: GET

Parameter Description Type Data Range
key Network API Key;
a Affiliate ID
Int Single value
o Offer ID
Int Single value

1.1.3 Response


HTTP Status Object Description Error Code
200   Get Link OK 0
201   Generate Link OK 0
Parameter Affiliate ID
No Affiliate ID 6021
Affiliate ID Not Match API Key 6022
Affiliate Not Exist 6023
403 Parameter Affiliate ID Invalid Affiliate Status 6024
400 Parameter Offer ID Invalid offer or status 641X
Parameter Affiliate has no access to offer 6421
Content Format: JSON

1.1.4 Example

Sample Request URL:
Response sample:

  "httpStatus": 200,
  "data": "",
  "errorCode": 0,
  "message": ""