1.1.1        Summary

Get advertiser information by Advertiser ID (s).

1.1.2        Request

Request Method: GET

Parameter Description Type Data Range
key Network API Key;
id Advertiser ID ;
int You can request with a string of ID s and use comma as a delimiter

1.1.3        Response

HTTP Status Object Description Error Code
200 Request Success 0
400 Parameter: ID No Parameter ID 6101
Parameter: ID Invalid Parameter ID 6102
Parameter: status Invalid Value of Advertiser Status 6103
Content Format: JSON

Advertiser Property Description
id Advertiser ID
email Advertiser Email
status Advertiser Status
first_name Advertiser First Name
last_name Advertiser Last Name
am_id Advertiser Manager ID
phone Phone Number
im_type IM Type
im_handler IM Handler(Account)
company Company
title Job Title
members Company Members
address1 Advertiser Address 1
address2 Advertiser Address 2
city -
country -
state -
zipcode -
signup_date Advertiser Sign Up Date
signup_ip Advertiser Sign Up IP
last_login_date Advertiser Last Login Date
last_login_ip Advertiser Last Login IP
click_count Advertiser Click Count
last_click_time Advertiser Last Click Time
conversion_count Advertiser Conversion Count
last_conversion_time Advertiser Last Conversion Time

1.1.4        Example

Sample Request URL:
Response sample:

  "httpStatus": 200,
  "data": [
      "id": "2",
      "first_name": "Adv2",
      "last_name": "Manager1",
      "email": "adv2manager1@163.com",
      "status": "Active",
      "am_id": "1",
      "phone": "",
      "im_type": "",
      "im_handler": "",
      "company": "adv2manger1",
      "title": "",
      "members": "",
      "address1": "",
      "address2": "",
      "country": "AF",
      "state": "",
      "city": "",
      "zipcode": "",
      "signup_date": "2015/08/05",
      "signup_ip": "",
      "last_login_date": "",
      "last_login_ip": "",
      "click_count": 0,
      "last_click_time": "",
      "conversion_count": 0,
      "last_conversion_time": ""
  "errorCode": 0,
  "message": ""